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Contract Operations

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We know operations inside and out.  Over the years we've gained hands on experience in the full spectrum of residuals management including collection, transportation, dewatering, event work, facility development, fleet maintenance, product marketing, R&D...you name it, we've probably tried it and if not, we're willing to!

It is based upon this depth of experience, that we offer contract operations services to both municipal and private facilities.  We specialize in contract services for farm land application programs, compost facility operations, compost sales programs, and specialty projects.  As an example, we invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in the design, construction and operation of an "Ashcrete Plant" at Paper Mill in Maine.  The plant resembled a concrete batch plant, except that it utilized paper mill residuals including ash, precipitated calcium carbonate and green liquor dregs as ingredients.  After blending and mixing ingredients, drivers delivered them in cement mixers to an on-site environmental construction project for direct use.  The result was a reduction in expenses for raw materials, a reduction in landfill disposal, and the construction of an improved environmental facility.

We're always on the lookout for opportunities to provide routine and innovative operations support with a goal of efficient operations, 100% compliance and excellent service to our customers.