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Fiberlime™ is produced by pulp mills that recycle paper to recover fibers for production of new paper. Once the long fiber is removed, what is left consists of lime, clay, and short paper fibers. The lime, in the form of calcium carbonate, is similar to ground limestone rock that is commonly used to raise soil pH and add calcium for better plant growth. The cellulose fiber provides organic matter to improve soil structure. Fiberlime™ is dust and odor free.

Soils in the Northeast typically become more acidic and go sour over time. Fiberlime (Short Paper Fiber) is a low cost alternative to commercial lime products that not only offers lime – it also provides valuable organic matter, micro-nutrients, and improves soil tilth. Organic matter, sometimes referred to as "the fuel for the soil's microbial engine" holds soil moisture, and releases macro- and micro-nutrients as it degrades in the soil.

  • Lime equivalence: 4.5 - 5.5 tons equals 1 ton commercial lime
  • pH: 7.2 - 8.5
  • Organic matter: 45 - 55%
  • Total calcium: 10 - 20%
  • % solids: 40-50%

Fiberlime is spread through a standard manure spreader at rates between 5 and 15 tons per acre, depending on soil need. It is ideal for topdressing on wrung-out hay fields, or tilling into crop ground, or prior to new seedings.

Protect your crop investment and keep your soils at their ideal pH and organic matter % using Casella Organics Fiberlime. Contact your agricultural product specialist at 800-933-6474 to discuss this product further and schedule a delivery today. Available in Maine and Eastern New York.


  • Agriculture

    Fiberlime™ increases pH, organic matter and soil fertility, and can be used on hay, alfalfa, corn, turf, vegetables and small grains. To determine the application rate of Fiberlime™, soil tests should be completed for pH and plant nutrient requirements for the crop to be grown.