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 Save & Invest Wisely in YOUR Soil with Earthlife AgCompost. Simply put, our compost will improve the quality and nutrient availability of your soil, thus improving crop yield and decreasing annual fertilizer needs. 

In addition to providing N-P-K, Casella Organics® Compost is also an excellent source of micronutrients, beneficial micro-organisms and organic matter. Our compost has been recognized as "Exceptional Quality" and has repeatedly been proven to improve soil tilth, water retention and drainage, as well as erosion control.

Earthlife AgCompost is produced at New England’s largest compost facility in Unity, ME. The Hawk Ridge Compost Facility uses an in-vessel advanced compost technology and incorporates nutrient rich wood ash into our process to produce an ideal soil amendment. AgCompost serves to help improve soil and plant health through the addition of lime equivalence, primary and secondary nutrients, microbial life and nutrient rich organic matter.


  • Recognized by the EPA and DEP as a safe, high-quality product for effective use on farmland.
  • Safe alternative and/or supplement to manures.
  • No additional equipment needed - all Casella Organics® Compost can be easily spread using conventional manure spreading equipment.
  • Trucking, spreading, and soil testing services available.
  • Certified Nutrient Management Planners on staff.
  • Custom product blending available.

Approved for use in: CT, MA, ME, NH, VT